About TenderRoots

Much before appreciation and awards, Talent needs and deserves Discovery. And Development.

Education and Abilities need to be honed, too, for optimum utility.

Various avenues of career-development and career-choices need to be considered, for confidence and continual support.

We understand all such concerns of parents, teachers and students.

At TenderRoots, UAE we believe in promoting the all-round betterment of children and youngsters. We present various ways and means to discover, develop and inspire the latent talents in them, through various Afterschool Activities.

These activities that students can enjoy and learn various skills from are ‘lessons’ that they take beyond their school routines. They learn through games, songs, dance, talking and many other activities that keep them engaged, inspired, happy and blossoming into better, more confident, more healthy, successful and satisfied human beings.

Under the various Segments such as ‘STEM Activities’ and ‘Hobby Classes’ that we have, we list various options to choose from – area-wise, too. All updated and verified details of Institutes, Classes, Courses are provided.

TenderRoots, UAE believes in thinking that one ‘extra’ thought, taking that one ‘extra’ step and adding that one ‘extra’ value for the ‘extra’ benefit of all-round education.


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