How could women’s football be made famous as a beholder sport?

Posted By: Rima Bose

Nov 14, 2017

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How could women’s football be made famous as a beholder sport?

Women and sports are attached to each other by an excellent thread. Usually, men are into games more than women, and the later’s participation decreases massively with age. Our society has the age-old notion of uttering a typical sentence to the girls “Do what women are meant to do. Don’t try to be a man.”

Women are usually barred from the hardcore physical activities involved in the sport like soccer. But, the mythical tradition is bravely fought by the females and they are concentrating more on fitness, various games and other fields like never before that are once supremely dominated by males.

Know the history

Football has a history depicting women’s league. 18th century seems to be the first beholder of girls playing football as a custom for marriage in the Highlands. England didn’t have any proof of women’s soccer at that time. Later many clubs wished to link ladies in the game for improving the gentlemen’s behaviours at the matches. Gradually from 1885, women started turning up in the particular sport. Later during 1921, The Football Association again banned women from entering the arena of football stating that it is unsuitable for them and mustn’t be encouraged to play.

What is the present position?

The endeavour of making women’s football famous still has a long way to go. Switch on the television and the screen presents us men’s football most of the time. We don’t even desire to lay our eyes on the women’s league as there are negligible hype and media coverage for it. But, if we think logically and rationally, women’s football is equally enjoyable because there is no difference in rules and we can see the same passion and aggression, tricks and eye-catching shots played by sportswomen.

Women’s association football or women’s soccer is the most well-known team sport in the world. Numerous countries play it at the professional level. One hundred and seventy-six national teams progress internationally.

Controversy overloaded

There is a storm of controversies blown over women’s football in the recent years. In 2004, Sepp Blatter who is the president of FIFA suggested dress code including tighter shorts and low cut shirts for creating aesthetic effects and attract more male viewers. As per some media outlets, his comment has been told as sexist. The dress issue continued as in September 2008, women’s team of FC de Rakt in the Netherlands swapped its old costume kit with tight-fitting shirts and short skirts.

True game spirit

The game shouldn’t be judged by dint of gender and their dresses. It must be accepted by the wisdom of the game itself. The genuine sportsmanship will come up when people start praising the women’s football with equal force as they do for the male version keeping the chauvinistic minds at bay. The players put same dedication and efforts to win. Same thrills and stunts are portrayed. There shouldn’t be any question about the characterisation of female athletes as they contribute the same to their country as male counterparts.

Health benefits

If we take the health under supervision, we must say that sports improve the mental and physical health of women. They also provide ample opportunities for camaraderie and socialisation. Moreover, they led positive shifting in the norms of gender that further afford the female citizens greater control and safety over their lives. Football is no exception.

The progress

We are glad to hear that more girls are engaged in playing soccer than netball. As per the latest reports, a woman who is representing national soccer team of Australia may expect to earn around $34,000. The career as a professional football player is booming gradually like cricket.

The critical question arises again: - How can we increase the interest of the mass about women’s football?

The Football Association got a good lesson that if the international football at Wembley needs to fetch a bigger crowd, then women must be in. After so many wins, women’s soccer is now competing shoulder to shoulder with the men’s team in the whole world.

A grand welcome comes with the girls’ soccer’s steepest marching towards upward trajectories. But, the over patriotism oozed out of renowned game leader such as Sepp Blatter that the playing kit is supposed to be extra tightly cut if the female’s game has to be more popular. There is an apparent visual of growing schoolgirl membership, and the parks have started taking over by the female matches over the past few years.

Many have argued that women players won’t be able to match the men footballers regarding physical power, strength and speed, but, the tacts and mastery already presented by the girls can never be underestimated. The numbers of fans are increasing day by day as people are gaining more pragmatic view on the women or men dominated the sport, and women’s football is gaining its fame with the increasing number of trophies. Regular athletic strives can inevitably lead to betterment in the health perspective too.

The inspiration for the young players will arrive with the sight of professionals in full action. They can understand what girls are capable of and their dreams may urge them to move forward with the game. Since the advent of Women’s Super league in the year 2012, and the winning of Liverpool in a dramatic mode generating epoch headlines, more viewers are coming to watch leagues and the media is also telecasting more significant number of women’s matches than ever that keep up the upward momentum.

In a nutshell, we can conclude that women’s football is as much fascinating and uplifting as of men’s. It gives the same overall well being and adrenaline rush. Therefore, the world must break free the traditional misconception of separate domination of sports by males and females and support women’s football like never before.


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